Hey there, Simon D. here. I'm the guy who wrote the Habit Reframe Method. Welcome to my personal site. I'm still putting this together, so this is it for now.Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions: simon@simond.me✌️

A) Just here to learn more about you.

B) I need some help with habits, productivity, etc.

C) I want to contact you real quick.

Sweet.Well, first off, you might like to know about my 'why': my mission.Next there's my 'how': products and programs.And finally my 'who': short bio and pics.

My Mission

Sweet.Well, first off, you might like to know about my 'why': my mission.Next there's my 'how': products and programs.And finally my 'who' and 'where': short bio and pics.


Hey, Simon here. I wrote the Habit Reframe Method and help people end their tech addictions and procrastination habits.Subscribe for articles on self-improvement, productivity and mental health.


I post articles exclusively on Reddit, mostly to the r/getdisciplined subreddit. My writing dives deep on personal development, habit formation, productivity, mindfulness and mental health.

Group progams

I lead group accountability programs on Discord. These are 4-week programs aimed at applying the Habit Reframe Method in real-time and with the support of a like-minded community.

Premium Program

Alumni of the Discord program are invited to subscribe for perks like weekly accountability check-ins, Q&As, guided work-sessions, & exclusive content.

1 on 1

I'm not a life coach and don't pretend to be one. I do however occasionally offer 1 on 1 consulting; see here for my contact details.


Most people dream of improving their lives and of achieving their goals, yet their tech-addictions and lack of motivation keeps them stuck in a rut of procrastination and frustration.This is all avoidable. No one should be held back from achieving greater impact in their life and work. Everyone should have the resources, support and tools they need break bad habits and take on new good ones.But—you're probably thinking—there's already so much self-help habit stuff out there.The thing is, much of what's available was written by the world's type-A individuals—by the productivity naturals who'd come around to writing blogs and books. These people don't know the struggle of chronic procrastinators and people with poor self-worth.I , on the other hand, have figured out how to go from being stuck in a deep rut, to living a life of productivity and peace of mind.Through years of research plus tons of trial and error, I pieced together a self-improvement system that works. This is what I now teach through the Habit Reframe Method and beyond.

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